Hula Hoop Tapes & Hoop Making Supplies in Melbourne

Looking for Hula Hoop Tape & Hula Hoop Making supplies in Melbourne? Look no further than Disco Hoops. Disco Hoops is an Australian based supplier of specialty tapes and hula hoop making supplies. Shop our store for small retail purchases, or check out our bulk pricing options for Hoop Makers and re-sellers. 

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Other Uses for Hula Hoop Tape

Disco Hoops specialty paper backed tapes can be used for hula hoops, scrap booking, calisthenics (rods and clubs), gymnastics and rhythmic gymnastics and more. Our paper back tapes can be cut to any size or shape using scissors or a tape splitter. Add that extra sparkle to your scrap book or standout on stage by dressing up your apparatus. Contact us to find out more about how you can use Disco Hoops tapes for your unique needs. 

Buy Hula Hoop Tape in Bulk Australia

Looking to buy in bulk? If you need 20 or more rolls, contact us about our wholesale pricing options. Perfect for local Australian hoop makers, or sporting clubs such as calisthenics teams. Buy glitter tape, holographic tape, mermaid scales tape, glow in the dark tape and so much more! We dispatch from our Melbourne warehouse for all in-stock orders, or order direct from our catalogue. 

Calisthenics Rod Tape and Club Covers

Have you considered hula hoop tape for your calisthenics team? Our Holographic Tapes are the perfect solution for calisthenics rod tape. Far more premium and easy to distribute than cheap single sided tapes or contact paper, our holo hoop tapes can add the shine and sparkle you need to stand out in the crowd. You can also use our hoop tapes for rod covers or to follow the traditional black spiral on your clubs. Get in touch to find our more about our bulk pricing options if you want to supply your whole club with amazing rods and clubs. 

Why buy from Disco Hoops?

Australia has a shortage of hula hoop making suppliers, and we want to help fill that gap. Our mission is to support local hoop makers, crafters and dancers by providing competitive bulk pricing options. We are a small and local business, here to support other small and local businesses. Get in touch to find out how we can help you today.