Looking for some hoopspiration? Check out some of our Hula Hoop taping ideas using Disco Hoop tapes.

Disco Hoops is an Australian based hula hoop makers supply company, stocking hula hoop tapes, tools and pipes. We support local hoop makers by offering bulk pricing on orders of 20 tapes or more!


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black glitter pink holo spike.png

The Dark Arts

holo pink.png
glitter black.png
spike black.png

Hula Hoop Taping Ideas

Mermaid Magic

Underwater Theme

iridescent blue.png
scales blue.png
spike blue.png
spike purple.png
scales iridescent blue spike purple.png
hula hoop taping idea pink yellow green bubblegum pastel

Cotton Candy

fluro yellow hula hoop tape
fluro pink hula hoop tape
green spike tape hula hoop grip tape melbourne

Pastel Hoop Hape

All That Glitters is

Silver Hula Hoop Tape

silver glitter hula hoop tape disco hoops melbourne
silver holographic hula hoop tape australia
yellow hula hoop grip tape pro gaff spike tape australia
spike pink.png
glitter silver hula hoop taping ideas holo
hula hoop tape idea pink orange glow in the dark

Tropical Punch

colour changing shifting orange hula hoop tape
glitter pink hula hoop tape
orange glow in the dark hula hoop tape australia

Glow in the Dark

Shining Shadow

Holo Hoop Tape

prism tape hula hoop tape
holo silver hula hoop tape shiny australia
spike blue.png
spike purple.png
holographic silver prism hula hoop taping idea