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Disco Hoops is a Melbourne based hula hoop tape and hoop making supply company established in 2020. We aim to bring affordable bulk hoop tape pricing to local hoop makers and in turn support the local Australian hoop community. Want to buy hula hoop tape online? We offer the convenience of online retail shopping for the hoop taping hobbyist, and wholesale direct ordering for those who resell and/or produce hoops for sale.

About Us

As hoop lovers and makers ourselves, we noticed the gap in the Australian market. Hoop tape is expensive to buy, and it seemed the cheapest way to order large quantities for making hula hoops was to get it overseas and pay the horrifying costs of shipping. Disco Hoops was created with the intentions of bridging that gap, providing hoop makers in Australia with an affordable middle ground option to buy larger quantities of hoop tape at a discount. 


We source direct from manufacturer so there is no middle man before it hits our shelves. This means we can offer competitive pricing for large quantity orders, while still dispatching locally right here in Aus.

Whether you are a hoop maker, crafty things seller, or just a general sparkly tape hoarder - you will love our bulk pricing options. Sample packs are available upon request so that you can test for yourself the quality of our product before committing to a big purchase. 

Be sure to get in touch if you are searching for something not currently listed on our site. 

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