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From Fitness to Flow Arts: What's your style?

Hula hooping isn't just about spinning a plastic ring around your waist; it's a dynamic and versatile art form that encompasses various styles and techniques. Whether you're looking for a fun fitness routine or aiming to become a fire twirling performer, there's a hula hoop dance style for you. Let's explore the fascinating world of hula hoop dance, from fitness to flow arts.

1. Fitness Hula Hooping:

For those seeking a fantastic workout that doesn't feel like exercise, fitness hula hooping is the way to go. It's a fantastic cardio exercise that engages your core muscles, enhances flexibility, and burns calories. Fitness hula hooping classes often incorporate lively music and dance moves to keep you motivated while you twirl your way to better health. We would recommend starting your hoop fitness journey with a large diameter and heavy hula hoop, such as HDPE, with lots of grip tape.

2. Hoop Dance:

Hoop dance is all about self-expression through movement. It combines on and off body hula hooping with elements of dance, allowing hoopers to create their own unique flow. Hoop dancers often use their hoop as a prop while incorporating whole body movement into their performance, resulting in captivating and artistic displays.

3. Manipulation Hooping:

Polypro hoops, made from lightweight polypropylene tubing, are a staple of manipulation hooping. These responsive, light weight hoops make performing intricate tricks and off body hoop manipulations appear effortless. It's a subculture within the hula hooping community that focuses on precision and skill, and can include multiple hoops or even juggling.

4. LED and Fire Hooping:

For those who love to light up the night, LED and fire hooping are visually stunning forms of hula hoop performance. LED hoops are embedded with colorful lights that create mesmerising patterns when spun, while fire hooping involves wicks that emit trails of fire. These styles are often showcased at nighttime events and festivals, providing a magical spectacle for audiences. When learning fire hooping, ensure you seek out an experienced instructor to brief you properly on fire safety and how to correctly handle your chemicals and burn equipment.

5. Native Hoop Dance

If you've never seen it before, we highly recommend checking out Native American Hoop Dance. This traditional tribal dance features a solo dancer dancing with a dozen or more hoops, performing a variety of dynamic movements and poses. It is truly captivating.

No matter which hula hoop dance style piques your interest, remember that hula hooping is not only a hobby; it's an entire community. Connect with fellow hoopers, join workshops, and share your progress and passion. Whether you're hooping for fitness, self-expression, or to become a captivating performer, the world of hula hoop dance offers endless possibilities to explore and enjoy.

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