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How to Tape a Hula Hoop

Is taping a hula hoop easy? Not at all! Even with the best advice, your first 2, 3 or even 5 attempts at taping a hoop are likely to be bumpy or oddly spaced. But not to worry, practice makes perfect and soon you will be taping like a pro!

We love this video guide from Deanne Love on how to tape a hula hoop. It is comprehensive and covers all of the tips, tricks and techniques you could possibly need. She covers 5 types of tapes, and how they all behave differently. We could not give you a better tutorial if we tried!

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Still too hard? Why not Find a Local Hoop Maker to help make you that hoop of your dreams!

Can't get enough of Deanne? Neither can we! Check out her amazing tutorial on 10 Hula Hoop Tricks for Beginners

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