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Is it really cheaper to make your own hoops?

To any aspiring hoop makers - this is a very important question to ask yourself. And the answer is... it depends! Your answer depends on why you want to make the hoop in the first place.

If you have seen a hoop you really liked but balked at the price tag, making it yourself is unlikely to be cheaper. Support your local hoop creators who have taken the time to learn and perfect their craft, we think it will be well worth your dollars!

If you are bored, looking for a fun hobby or just want to give it a crack, buying some hoop making supplies is probably worth the purchase. It is fun!

If you are looking to make tonnes of hoop, either for your own collection or to sell - yes making them yourself is most likely cheaper. Just bear in mind that you might not get it perfect on your first go, and you'll be making a few practice hoops before you get into the swing of it.

Here's a few things you should know before making your own hoops:

  • Your supplies will generally cover you for a few hoops. Often hoop making supplies aren't available for a "single hoop", and those that are may not be priced much differently to buying a naked hoop that is already made.

  • If you don't already have to tools (power drill, rivet gun, heat gun, pipe cutters etc) you may be in for a steep upfront cost. Ask around to see if you can borrow some before making that purchase.

  • Taping is hard. Like really hard. But fun. You will probably need to tape 5 or 10 hoops (or the same hoop, over and over again!) before you really start to get the hang of it. Be patient with yourself and give yourself permission to make mistakes and learn.

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Happy hoop making!

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